yes, He hears

I wrote this kind-of “poem”, of sorts, during one of the worship sessions at Hillsong Conference a few months back – it was during this session that I really and truly felt like God was stirring something (a new gift perhaps) within me and He wished to use it. I recall standing in worship, among friends and family and strangers, and feeling this stirring in my spirit to sit down on the floor and open up my notebook.

Now generally when you open up a notebook, it’s with the intent of writing something you had just thought of, or even something that God had told you about yourself or someone else. But this time was different.

I. Had. No. Idea.

I sat down on the floor and said, “God, if you’re planning on telling me something, it’d be great because I look a bit foolish sitting on the ground with an empty page.” And after passing the awkwardness of waiting on God, I worshipped on the ground, forgetting all of my feelings of foolishness and awkwardness. I feel like that’s important sometimes, just to get vulnerable and wait on God for Him to speak.

In that season I felt dry and useless; I felt empty and barren and upset over so many different parts of me that weren’t overflowing with opportunity or growth. The moral is, God won’t leave you thirsty in your deserts. Instead He will bring you out and nourish you so you will flourish! But that story is for another time!!

I had no idea that the words that God and I wrote down on my empty page that night would resonate with so many. After I had finished writing and read it I thought it was such a cliche thought, but I know that God wrote it with me for a reason.

“I see you when you’re still; I see you on the go.

I see you when you’re lost; wandering the unknown.

I see you when you sit and I see you when you stand.

I see you down the front and I see you in the stands.

No matter where you go,

How you feel,

Or what you say,

I see you and I hear you; I listen every day.

Nothing can come between us;

Neither sin nor shame.

All that hurt you feel inside is covered by my name.

I loved you in the beginning,

And I’ll love you in the end.

Now that I have chosen you, it is you that I will send.

I will send you to your family,

I will send you to that school;

You can now declare my praises wherever you feel the pull.

Because from the beginning

I saw you,

And I was well pleased;

I know this life will bring hurt,

Not all victories come with ease.

But because I first sent my Son,

The Holy Messiah,

You can go without shame.

No condemnation can bind you & you are now lifted higher –

Above the pain,

Above the guilt,

Far beyond the enemy’s reach.

For you,

A home I have built.

Within my own heart you can stay;

A place filled with peace.

A refuge for the broken,

A haven for the least.

Of all people,

Among all,

I saw you standing in my crowd.

All of my people sing & I still hear the sound

Of your praises,

I still hear you cry out in pain.

Because I first saw you,

And with you I was well pleased.

I knew you were standing in my presence,

So I shall listen with ease.”

HE HEARS YOU. Although it may seem like all hell is breaking loose and nobody can hear you, God hears you and he desperately wants you to seek Him! Please don’t forget how much God wants you to want Him to help you out – as much as we’d like to think that we’re independent beings who have freedom to make choices, we cannot fully thrive without the help of the God who created us.

Please remember; He hears, He cares.

Love Chloe.